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Kimball and the Fugitives has been one of the top live bands in the Greater Seattle Area for over 30 years, with thousands of gigs played and have lit up this stage many times at SBE with their lively tunes. They can’t get enough of the club and are back to show you a very good time again. These guys know where the groove is and plan to dig it a little deeper! Kimball started playing bass in 1967 and has gone on to successfully play many different styles of music with many of the NW’s very best musicians. He has anchored the bass chair with Kimball & the Fugitives and Maia Santell & House Blend for several years. Phil Bowden has made his living as a full time musician playing a wide variety of styles including rock, blues, jazz, and big band. In 1997 he began to concentrate on playing the blues. He has played with Dave Conant, David Brewer, Mauva Bell, John Stephan, Maia Santell, Isaac Scott, and has been with Kimball since 2001.