People Helping People

It’s simple, it’s powerful, and we can do it together.

The Salmon Bay Eagles (SBE) is a part of the international Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE). We are a fraternal order dedicated to charity, community, and the betterment of humankind—with more than a little bit of fun sprinkled on top.

We’re actively seeking out new members and think YOU might be a good fit. Here’s our criteria:

  • You are a human over 21 years of age (gender identity is not a consideration)
  • You are, or try to be, a pretty decent person
  • You’re not trying to overthrow the government through violent means (vote however you want!)
  • You believe in a higher spiritual power (all religions welcome)
  • You generally like fun stuff instead of bad stuff
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What charity is close to your heart? We’re always happy to expand our charity offerings to support what our members support. Open our eyes to something new, and we’ll help them succeed.

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