In order to meet requests and concerns of many members relating to improving health safety at Salmon Bay Eagles, the Trustees and Officers are looking into the following solutions:

  1. Air-duct cleaning—The current ventilation system needs to be thoroughly cleaned. We are taking bids to meet our work request and select a vendor.
  2. Air filtration/treatment equipment to be added to our existing furnace—This equipment will remove or deactivate small airborne contaminants that can not be removed by mechanical filters because of their extremely small size that would normally remain free bloating in our room air.

We are planning on installing a new system that eliminates virus, mold, bacteria and volatile organic compounds (stuff that smells like smoke). Money from the investment fund will be set aside to purchase the devices so we can look forward to better air quality in the club. In the meantime, we’re still keeping the club in tip-top shape!

Pictured here is Kirk on a ladder. He and Alyssa picked a beautiful day to fix the drainage pipe system outside the building. We have a great community of members who have volunteered their spare time and skills to repair things around the club. If you have a skillset we can use, we’d love to hear from you!