Nominations for Aerie #2141 officer and trustee positions will be held at the next regular Aerie meeting on Wednesday, May 4 at 7:00pm. The offices of Worthy President, Worthy Vice-President, Worthy Conductor, Worthy Chaplain, Secretary, Treasurer, Inside Guard and two Trustee positions will be open for nominations. When only a single member is nominated for a position, the accepting nominee will be elected by default. When there are multiple nominations, the position will be decided by a run-off vote of members attending the regular Aerie meeting on Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00pm. A member must be present to be nominated unless the absent member has consented to nomination by filing written permission with the Secretary. Absentee ballots for election are not permitted.

Consider and discuss what you want the Salmon Bay Eagles to be. Nominate and vote for the best team of officer and trustee candidates at the upcoming meetings. Consider running for an officer or trustee position yourself, or volunteering to be on one of the Worthy President’s committees. The time commitment is probably less than you think and your impact on the Aerie will be great.

Aerie Officer Duties
The duties listed are a brief overview of duties spelled out by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Order. If you wish to find out more about an office please see the section indicated below the office name.

Jr. Past Worthy President
(Sections 81.1-81.3)

The Jr. Past Worthy President serves only as a member of the Board of Trustees when permitted by Aerie by-laws.

Worthy President
(Sections 82.1-82.3)

The Worthy President presides over all meetings of the Aerie, shall enforce the laws of the Order, and can decide upon questions in the Aerie for which there is an equal division, with the exception of electing officers and candidates for membership. This position has general supervision over all the affairs of the Aerie unless otherwise noted.

Worthy Vice President
(Sections 83.1-83.2)

The main duty of the Worthy Vice President is to preside in the absence of the Worthy President and assist with preserving order in the Aerie. If for some reason the Worthy President is incapable of performing the duties of his office, the Worthy Vice President may exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Worthy President.

Worthy Chaplain
(Section 84.1)

Any and all devotional exercises of the Aerie in accordance with Ritual are the responsibility of the Worthy Chaplain.

(Sections 85.1-85.17)

The duties of the secretary are numerous, including keeping a full proceedings of the Aerie in a book provided for that purpose by the Grand Aerie; reading all reports, bills and communications which may be presented; fill out certificates and cards granted by the Aerie; keep and maintain an up-to-date roster; to affix the seal of the Aerie to all documents requiring it and to perform any other such duty assigned to them within the by-laws.

(Sections 86.1-86.8)

The duties of the Treasurer include demanding and receiving all money from the Secretary belonging to the Aerie; providing receipts for the money; depositing funds within 48 hours in the bank account designated by the Aerie; signing warrant checks; keeping all records and books related to money; hold in trust all securities designated to the Aerie and any other such duty assigned to their position within the laws of the Order.

Worthy Conductor
(Sections 87.1-87.3)

The Worthy Conductor will ensure that all participants in attendance at the opening of any session are permitted to remain; prepare the ballot box for the election of candidates to membership and supervise the voting; introduce all visitors and seat them; hold custody of all Ritual items and any other such duty assigned to their position within the laws of the Order.

(Sections 88.1-88.2)

The Inside Guard will maintain a position at the inner door of the Aerie, examining the official receipt of every member entering the meeting room while the Aerie is in session. The Outside Guard will have charge of the outer room during a session and permit only members in good standing to enter the room.

(Sections 89.1-89.11)

Under the direction of the Aerie, the Board of Trustees will hold all real property belonging to the Aerie and all personal property not entrusted to any other officer by the Laws of the Order and maintain an inventory of such property. Immediately following the installation of officers each year, the trustees will elect one of the other members as Chairman for one year. The board shall meet at least weekly and keep all official records of their meetings as required. The board maintains control of maintenance and operations throughout the club and shall control the conduct and duties of the employees of the Aerie. The Board of Trustees shall enforce all House Rules adopted by the Aerie. The Board of Trustees must also perform or maintain any other duties as stated within the Laws of the Order.