The Salmon Bay Eagles is proud to assist the YMCA in providing needed school supplies. The YMCA is asking for help to provide 300 backpacks and supplies to the students of Lowell Elementary School in Capitol Hill. Lowell serves a very large and diverse catchment area and we are trying to welcome the return to the classroom by providing some basic supplies.

This past year, the triple pandemic of poverty, racism, and Covid-19 hit Lowell hard. Many of their families are in need of extra support such as food, clothing, gift cards, learning materials, and school supplies. Many are struggling just to survive. Lowell worked hard this year to meet basic student needs which left the school entering this year with a lack of basic supplies for students. As such, the Downtown Seattle YMCA is turning to the community to ask that you help us provide the students of Lowell with the basic back-to-school supplies that any student deserves.

The following items, packed into a simple backpack, would constitute a helpful, basic starting point for these kids to re-enter the world of in-person teaching. Here is an Amazon Wish List for supplies. When you check out, please enter this address:

Ed Frind
909 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

The drive will continue through September and October and supplies will be distributed in November. A Wellness Carnival is being organized at the school to encourage families to attend and the backpacks will be offered then. That event is intended to highlight the various health, wellbeing and recreation resources which are available to the Lowell community.