Congratulations to Mackenzie for winning the grand prize with only 2 cards left! She won a jackpot of over $2000 on December 8 and bought a round of drinks for everyone at the club. We’re kicking off with a fresh new deck, but you have a chance to win prizes every week on Wednesdays at 6pm.

HERE’S HOW TO PLAY: Joker Poker raffles tickets cost $1 each and can be purchased from the bartender or conductor of the rafjle up until 6pm. A drawing is held to select a member who then picks a card from a pile. On the first drawing, if the Joker is picked, the prize is the jackpot. If a Jack of Spades is picked, the prize is $100 and a Queen of Diamonds wins $50. If your ticket is drawn on the second drawing, you win $25 and on the third drawing, the prize is $10 in pull tabs. Proceeds benefit the Medic ONE Foundation. You must be a member in good standing to play.